Wednesday, August 12, 2009



As if it is my job, I rolled the tyres tirelessly on the floor
I kissed my lips showing the unusual determination through my countenance
My mum’s bed was spacious like the atmosphere as I played all through the day
I experience and engaged in dangerous harmless play no one knows the end
Fishes have their habitat in the ocean
Birds have their habitats in the air
Beasts have their habitat in the field
Man is the king of them all. My mum is my god
Almighty is our father all

My thoughts from cradle to adulthood, bad or good, sweet or bitter, sour or tasteless, she knows

When she calls me bobby! When she carried me on her warm soothing chest, I knew I had a strong defense
I remember the time I was young gathering among the company of my baby peers

Clear as a trance. I went into my childhood
On my tattered pants I shamelessly chased my friends, helter- skelter
Shouting and screaming as I enjoyed every moment of it, we set the household ablaze with our noise

Our noise, our disturbance are pleasures of childhood
The days we build houses with the mud sand, it’s our joy,
The days we shared 20kobo rice among ten children in love and bond
The day 5kobo bean cake was shared among ten children that is the bond

The bed wets, the sleep talking after a heavy play, how short, sharp and dirty we were
We wept bitterly when one hand is mightier than the other
Sweat run through us yet we received our cherished hugs and kisses from our parents

The Jesus loves a little children song, the ballads we were though never to forget .boju boju they still ring bell like my headmasters bell

Who will replay my childhood film for $1,000,000?
I will watch, watch and watch again and then I will experience the joy of childhood again

Like the gun to the hunter so we are to the creator, we are gold in his hands but the agony of the barren abounds and it is only the creator that can make her remember the times of childhood again
Childhood! Childhood! Childhood! Where art thou?

The joy, the agony, the ugly and the most beautiful are in childhood
I know what you thought me in childhood; I follow the golden rule carefully
I thank God for my childhood
If not for God my life would be meaningless, my I see your face again childhood.

When this life is over

When this life is over we shall be well
When this life is over we shall celebrate another life
When this cruel life is over my burdens and troubles will be lifted off as nylon is lifted up in the air
When this life is over all my struggles and strives will come to a halt like a knocked car engine
When this life is over this song and pain and sorrow will end as if they never existed
When this life is over killings and evil will divorce as if it is the only cure we needed to survive
When this life is over a new and pleasant life would enjoy
When this life is over a brighter life full of hope and blessings would be
May this vanity life end on me now
To live in life is death but to die is great gain
Without an end, there is no beginning, live to die and you will live forever.


As I set for lectures early before time
There have been incessant lectures at the peak of the semester
I am too righteous to stab my lectures not even missing them

She stood afar off as I proceed
My conscience told me I was innocent
Locked up side by side by the narrow path guarded jealously with thick forest that leads into the main village

I was caught this Monday morning with a battered mad woman
Who angrily took her position prepared for war
Who on earth has committed this atrocity?
Hum! A world where the worst things happen
If I have a friend coming to earth I would rather say he’d stay back in heaven and enjoy the simplicity and perfections

My steps walked like that of the tortoise
My innocence walked back backed back front as confusion grabbed me for few seconds stand still

What she held looked fetish
They are diabolically active
Like the sane she looked
Incantation backed every bitter word that came from her mouth
Eni tio bag be mi ni omo,ayelala ni o ma gbe!
My conscience told me it’s not mine as these words flew directly to my face
My innocence diverted it away

As my innocence sailed me through this troubled sea
My hearth flashed back the person behind me
Maybe he is the one who has sting that has bitten the king’s daughter

This cause is still potently strong as our responsibility has been left undone

Who will wash away the potency of this curse for the unjustified, which has caused many pain and sorrow?

I love him but he did not know
I care about him, but he did not realize it
I have strong emotions for him but he did not see this
I know he has much love than I
I know his love is ready and potent to carry on our love life
And to chat our course
I am a secret lover
I found myself in love with two persons
The black charming angel says he loves me and he will spoil me with all treasures I desire, but the handsome man in the circle says he loves me red hot
Two loves, am I an infidel?
Secret lover is the solution I thought as bowed down in confusion
Easily I fall passionately for the things I never wanted to do and make the black angel smile vigorously like boiling water
My white angel still humbly waiting patiently at the door of my heart
Whether I will hang my passion boot to validate our love life
I love you; I have enough love for both of us
Just give me some love and am jealous to take your love life over
He shouted from the distance of my heart door
A trial will not take away your life but will regain it and you will be better for it
Refuse to try and you may lose it all, for eternity, for eternity!


On the path of loneness
I saw love
Though on a tattered road
But in this African land
Beautiful in essence, proudly magnificent
On a famished lonely road
On a saturated road of possibilities, grace and mercy
My love more beautiful than anyone else
Pure like the morning dew
Many years looked as if I am yet to unravel the beauty and goodness
The peace of showing love
Beautiful than words can express
if you dream of an angel you are yet to fathom her beautiful peace and glory
Let’s go under the palm, and feel the beauty of nature as God has created it
Crossing the beauty bridge of nature and wanting to leave
walking in the beauty of nature and our footprints remains forever the fragrance that this flower emits makes us look at each eye to eye to express the beauty we feel in us, yet this nature seems indescribable like mystery of this world
Let us walk through the bush paths a gain this experience heals me of the unexplainable ailment that comes upon me like the morning dew come upon the leaves
let us go into the love garden where the whispers of life birds sing to us and fell the love we share, let us proceed to touch love and we touch nature
Giving is the love we see, sacrifice is the love we touch, forgiveness is the love we all see.
An experience unforgettable
An experience sweet to show and live by her joy and happiness she bore
Like Oliver twist our love is demanded for by all not minding color, race, religion, or cultural barriers
Give it more; give it like nature gives her best.
It’s all our world needs to live.
I am pregnant
My stomach aches me
It causes discomfort for me
Rises like the Atlantic stubborn waves
This baby obeys his master
In the comfort of blissful splendor this baby wakes me as pregnant women who have no enough rest
Picks me up as if am no longer myself
It is full of ideas
Ideas I know not its source
When I arrive they say the boy has arrived, well known for his uncontrollable passion
When will this idea baby be put to bed?
When will I have myself?
When will I enjoy myself?
Innocent becomes my status
Who has put me in the family way?
I am not even beautiful to seduce
Who has cast his net in my river?
What I want to abort now is what my world needs
Will I be turn apart when discovered?
I think of the global solution
I think of the global man
I think of the perfect man
I think of all the impossibilities as possibilities
No one to tell
No one has heard
As if I have not spread enough, yet I am well spread
I know this idea is just like a tea spoon emptying an ocean I am spurred into action by my baby
Come and help me out
Come and be the pregnant
Carry this pregnancy and you will hear what I say
Come and let me pass this virus to you.

I am a pensioner, YES, I am
For 35 years I laboured like a loyal dog and desert donkey
With my tattered boot totally slapped with dust, I strived
I invested my hand to achieve my country’s goals and my legs

I missed early morning breakfasts to make the job my friend
In my black hairs I served to laugh in my grey hairs
For my country, I turned my youthful energy into subtle white ashes
My brain and being with so much vigor they fought till they wrinkle

I buried my sweats to save the perilious partway in my country
I strained my intellect like a desperate undergraduate seeking success
Though I fancied with awe the ill-gotten wealth dipped in the blackness of the night

But I restrained my being from bathing in the booming shadows of the dark

Now my time is ear spent and my brain is feeble
My straight bicep is now a bended back that has shrinked to little
Sickness is now a pandemic that trickles to me in bundle
For in age and years I have served with solid .now body so rumpled
Then I looked unto my country for help
But my country is my enemy; my mortal foe
Away! They shut my pension without a droplet of mercy that shines aglow
My country is my albatross dangling restlessly on my mystery neck
Like a chandelier loosely hanging on the roof without a check

So for hours I dwindle the eyes of my time out on the longest queue
On my empty stomach, bowels and on my bended knees
I see my exhausted colleagues felling on the smooth sand that full the ground
What a beautiful apocalypse that appalled my eyes!
I also see half a being my age echoing to my soul to behave;
Else the door is my way
Who am I to reply words for words?

This is my life, my story, my journey so far
The life of a perilous pensioner who has so much served.

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